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A strong team of 300+ consultants, project managers, developers, designers based in Europe and Asia.

True entrepreneurs by heart. Nerds. Coders. Experienced. Successful. If you can dream it, we can develop it. Your success is our priority.

  • 4

    yrs running

    Best IT company

    to work for in Vietnam

  • 100+

    Happy clients

  • 300+

    Team mates

    in Asia

  • 800+

    Team mates


  • 2M+

    Users served daily

  • 600M+

    Lines of debugged,

    documented code

  • $10B+


    (Gross merchandise Value)

  • 45k liters

    of Coffee gulped

  • 3 tons

    of Noodles devoured

What we can do for you


Digital Solutions

Our experts help you to find the right business model to kick off your MVP with us, build your new Startup as a Service, or consult you through digitalisation processes.



You want to build your own Online Business? Our Spryker, Shopware, Commercetools, Hybris or Shopify solution teams identify the best fitting plattform for your needs


Dedicated Teams

Build your own remote team out of the best and brightest Tech minds worldwide to create innovative projects for your company

NFQ Team Philosophy

NFQ Team Philosophy

For us this is not just a saying. We live it every day anew: PEOPLE COME FIRST.

For us, the people at NFQ are the greatest value we can offer you. You can probably get all the different services we offer elsewhere, but it's not about the offers, it's about the magic our colleagues do every day. It's about the values they live by, the passion they bring to projects, the pride they feel in being part of a team, the ambition to do something special. We are grateful for each and every one of them, with their history, with their culture, with their values and their passion, for being part of our team.

We can't really put it into words, you have to experience it.

We tried to show you some of our colleagues on our homepage, we don't need stock photos, we have gorgeous human beings to show!

How We Do It

How We Do It

Keeping people happy and keeping people is not always easy and especially not in the IT sector, where they get nearly daily offerings from competitors.

However 300 colleagues chose us! And the NFQ crowd is growing, so we believe that it is our job to make our people smile every day and we put a lot of effort in it.

Our Community Team is busy thinking of new stuff we can do together every day, is it German classes, a company trip, night-outs, coding challenges, personal training and development programs, certifications, a squad challenge, polls, ask-me-anything sessions, home office inspirations, TED Talks, events, yoga sessions, cooking classes and a lot of parties, for sure.

That’s Us - That’s NFQ

That’s Us - That’s NFQ

What you can expect from us is that you have highly trained and highly motivated people working on your project, your dream, your new adventure.

We make sure that our colleagues have everything they need and a surrounding where they love to work. We train them, we grow them, we take care of them, so of course we expect you to do the same. We provide you our most valuable asset as a remote team or in a project and want you to treat them the same way we do.

Putting people first - that's what we preach that's what we do that's what we expect you to do

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