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IT transformation that holistically fits your company needs: consulting, business modeling, MVPs, UX/UI design, development...

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Head of Delivery


UX Designer

Hieu Nguyen

Project Manager

IT Transformation

With more than 21 years of experience NFQ understands the needs to compete in a fast moving, modern world.

Over the last decades we helped companies, startups and corporations to modernize and refactor their IT infrastructure to keep up to date as well as move ahead of the competition.

Consulting, architecture, integration and last but not least software development are our core competencies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Business Model

A digital business can come in various sizes and shapes. Sometimes, it's an online shop. Sometimes it's software as a service.

Sometimes it's a self help platform for your customers.

At NFQ we support you in finding the right business model to implement your company's strategy and cater to the customers' needs. Our consultants have combined over +20 years of experience in business modeling and innovation.

With our expert agile teams we support our customers with technical implementations - from prototyping to building and running your product.

Digital Business Model

Startup as a Service

Executives have found corporate startups or spin offs as a viable model for new agile businesses in a safe, dedicated and separate environment.

At NFQ, we live and breathe prototyping, MVPs and product market fit. Over the past 10 years our consultants have helped SMEs and corporates to successfully create new business in the digital space. We're the perfect partner for a sustainable and agile corporate startup approach.

Startup as a Service

MVP as a Service

Test the market as quickly and economically as possible.

The goal of a minimum viable product (MVP) is to test demand before making bigger investments, and show you’re worth the funds you are calling for.

NFQ can help you with critical insights from MVPs without having to do the work by yourself. We can show you how to get new products off the ground and offer you all technical & business expertise when and where you would need them.

MVP as a Service

Digitalization Consulting

97% of businesses today are pursuing digital transformation, yet most leaders cite integration into the existing company culture as one of their biggest challenges.

Digitalization and innovation add the attitude of exploration to an execution driven environment. We help companies connect digital initiatives to the broader organization and transition to a more integrated, agile and responsive digital business model.

We help businesses around the world to adapt process, organization, decision making models, goal setting and employee motivation for a successful digital transformation. Our consultants combine deep IT expertise with organizational development and innovation management.

Digitalization Consulting

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